eFans is a social media platform that connects the eSports players, teams and fans around the globe. At the moment you need to go to a specific app to find out about your scores, to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to connect with eSports enthusiatis and to Twitch, Mixer, YouTube to watch their live streams.

eFans is the first and only application that offers everything in one place for the eSports community.

It includes a number of features for users to build their network, to develop their skills, to create and grow their gaming communities and many ways for monetization.

eFans will change the eSports community.

Please get in touch with us for information or visit the website of eFans at www.efans.com.

eFans is a partner of Business Start Up Qatar in the State of Qatar.


Please click on the link and reach out to our experts and specialists to discuss your requirements. It would be our pleasure to assist you!


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