IRISS delivers high quality broadband, wi-fi and VOIP telecommunications using radio and microwave technology. The model aggregates existing assets (street lights, tall buildings, existing masts, new masts) to mount the equipment required to provide improved services to communities and businesses often poorly served by conventional systems. This approach significantly reduces the need for disruptive and costly excavations for fibre installation. IRISS can design, develop, fund and host the full telecoms service and bring communities closer together and open them up to a wider world of high performance communication.

IRISS has worked with notable clients such as Manchester United FC, Accor Hotels and Network Rail providing a wide range of services such as the Development of branded mobile telephone and wi-fi service to fans right through to the ongoing development of high performance 5G+ services for 230km of transportation route.

IRISS delivers fibre-quality telecoms and data networks to city centres, rail networks, motorways, university campuses, NHS Trusts and rural communities, without the need for fibre, thereby reducing costs, disruption and implementation times and at the same time connecting communities and generating revenue streams.

IRISS does this by connecting an existing asset to a fibre source and then linking this to other existing assets via wifi or point to point broadcast. By aligning stakeholders and asset owners, we can optimise the use of existing infrastructure to create local, regional and national networks providing fibre-quality speed without the need for fibre – drastically reducing cost and implementation times, providing access, revenue streams and end-to-end solutions.

IRISS is a partner of Business Start Up Qatar in the State of Qatar.


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