Street Soccer Qatar

Street Soccer Qatar (SSQ) incorporates a style of football different to that of a conventional game. Two teams of three players play within an inflatable arena, providing a platform that inspires individuals to express themselves.

The philosophy behind SSQ and it's greatest strength is the ability to unite communities, forge new social circles and to create new and lasting friendships, that ultimately enhance mental wellbeing and self esteem.

The SSQ arena can be erected indoors or outdoors, providing accessibility for all locations and individuals.

The advantages of bringing Street Soccer to the streets of Qatar include:

  • encouraging leadership, communication, responsibility and respect
  • cognitive composure, awareness and faster decision making
  • character/team building, self esteem and motivation
  • physical movement competency and agility
  • development of finer motor skills
  • tactical problem solving
  • high intensity, short burst exercise
  • enhanced wellbeing

SSQ engages all and provides physical, cognitive and social development to anybody.

The aim of SSQ is to explore the opportunities to increase the outreach in the State of Qatar, supporting education with a platform that inspires. Street Soccer guides rather than instructs, enabling the creativity that each of us was born with.

Short, high tempo games such as street soccer, have been scientifically proven to improve diabetes and obesity, leading to a much improved and healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your background or physical capability, SSQ is welcoming all.

Please get in touch with us for more information and to work with SSQ

SSQ is a partner of Business Start Up Qatar.


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