More businesswomen in all sectors in Qatar


Qatari women are increasingly represented across all economic sectors according to recent figures published by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry (QCCI).

Over the past few years, the number of females in business has rapidly increased. According to the Qatar Chamber, seven thousand Qatari women have full or partial ownership of companies in Qatar. Similarly, the number of women who are authorised signatories and manage companies reached 4,700 and 4,900 respectively. These figures demonstrate the success of Qatari businesswomen in transforming initial ideas into ongoing businesses and projects.

In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, gender equality and female empowerment is an important pillar, promoting women’s right to work, while at the same time enhancing their social protection. As a result, the State of Qatar is committed to guaranteeing women’s rights and ensuring their economic participation.

The rise of females in the finance and business sectors can partly be attributed to supportive Qatari legislation which encourages participation without exception or discrimination. Apart from that, the positive investment environment in Qatar contributes to the developments.

Furthermore, the figures demonstrate the strong presence of Qatari women in family businesses. Family businesses are an important part of the economic heritage in the Gulf and a number of women start their projects within this framework. An increasing number moves into public or private shareholding companies.

At the same time, Qatari businesswomen are active in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in various sectors. These include industry, general trade, tourism, real estate, contracting and construction. Also, services - especially education and health - electronic design and local production of packaged foods and perfumes, in addition to beauty centres. Moreover, Qatari businesswomen are partnering with their Arab and Gulf counterparts.

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