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Governmental & Semi-Governmental Entities

Official Logo Registered Name Registered Address Contact Details
Qatar Business Incubation Center Exit 17, Salwa Road, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 40816)
Qatar Central Bank Doha, Qatar (PO Box 1234)
Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry Doha, Qatar (PO Box 402)
Qatar Development Bank Grand Hamad Street, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 22789)
Qatar Financial Centre Qatar Financial Centre Tower 1, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 23245)
Qatar Foundation Rayyan, Qatar (PO Box 5825)
Qatar Free Zones Authority 6th Floor, General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Building, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 258)
Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation Building, Corniche Street 61, Al Dafna District 41, Al Rayyan, Qatar (PO Box 41)
Qatar Investment Authority Doha, Qatar (PO Box 23224)
Qatar Investment Promotion Agency Qatar Financial Centre Tower 1,Doha, Qatar (PO Box 23245)
Qatar Leadership Center 17th Floor, Al Bidda Tower, Corniche Road, West Bay, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 5476)
Qatar Media Corporation Doha, Qatar (PO Box 1836)
Qatar News Agency Qatar News Agency Building, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 3299)
Qatar Science and Technology Park Qatar Science & Technology Park, Education City, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 210000)
Qatar Sports Tech Aspire Zone New Office, Doha, Qatar (PO Box 15644)

Other Networks

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