BSUQ Late Events - 16

How to Pitch to Investors and Get Funded


This webinar will provide a strategic understanding of the successful startup business model and how to raise private investment

Learn how to pitch to investors by understanding the following:

  • Why Investors See Your Business Different than You Do
  • Why the Startup Model is Different
  • How the Funding Process Works Today and How It has Changed
  • What You Need Before You Pitch to Investors
  • Pitching and Pitch Decks
  • Talk Like a CEO - How to Think Strategically
  • What is Important to Investors
  • Open Forum: Ask an Investor!

Join us for this online event late on Friday 13th August from 22:00 - 23:30 Qatar time (GMT +3)

The official language will be English

For further details and registration information please visit the official event website.



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