Project, Program & Product Management Qatar

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eFans is a social media platform that connects the eSports players, teams and fans around the globe. At the moment you need to go to a specific app to find out about your scores, to Facebook, Instagram...

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IRISS delivers high quality broadband, wi-fi and VOIP telecommunications using radio and microwave technology. The model aggregates existing assets (street lights, tall buildings, existing masts, new masts)...

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Street Soccer Qatar

Street Soccer Qatar (SSQ) incorporates a style of football different to that of a conventional game. Two teams of three players play within an inflatable arena, providing a platform that inspires individuals...

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In the Game

In the Game is Qatar's first sports podcast. Launched with the intention of bringing athletes, fans and industry leaders together on a single platform it has motored from strength to strength. The show...

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CityBugs is a social platform where community-related issues are raised and solved. With CityBugs, residents and community authorities have the opportunity to improve their community together making it...

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Arloopa Inc. is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) application and game development company. It delivers advanced AR and VR products and services including but not limited to cloud-based...

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