Market Research & Assessment Qatar

An introduction to Market Research Qatar & Assessment

It is a consensus that the environment of a business or project has got a significant effect on it. In a majority of the cases, the environment of a business or project is active. It can be vibrant. We have seen a transformation of many industries in the past and an acceleration of these transformations in the present. One of the most prominent examples is the digital transformation which affects many or most industries nationally, regionally and internationally.

The State of Qatar has experienced one of the most remarkable transformations from a country with widespread poverty even before the collapse of the market for pearls in the 1930s to a wealthy nation with the highest income per capita in the world.

As a result, it is important to the success of a business or project to identify, evaluate and interpret the developments in the external environment from time to time.

The process of Market Research Qatar & Assessment

Our market research and assessment comprises the familiarization, collection, identification, analysis, assessment or evaluation and interpretation of primary and secondary data through the application of qualitative and quantitative methods. The activities range from in-depth interviews to client or customer surveys in order to obtain an accurate and reliable picture of the respective market or segment.

The information on the external environment includes the drivers and trends in connection with:

  • Economy
  • Stakeholders
  • Technology
    - Clients & Customers
  • Public
    - Competitors
  • Legal/Law
    - Partners
  • Social
    - Regulators
  • Demographics
    - Suppliers
  • Supply & Demand

The Planning & Statistics Authority is one of the most relevant and reliable sources of information in the country.

The results of Market Research Qatar & Assessment

In a majority of the cases, the information on the external environment is complemented or supplemented with the information on the internal environment. The strengths and weaknesses are derived from the internal and the opportunities and threats from the external environment of a business or project.

On many occasions, the conclusion of market research and assessment are outlined or summarized in market reports or studies, feasibility studies or business plans and/or short-, mid- and long-term strategies which will set out the ways to utilize the strengths to maximize the opportunities and to minimize the threats and to utilize the opportunities to minimize the weaknesses and to avoid the threats.

The steps to Market Research Qatar & Assessment

Our recommendations depend on the requirements of the client or customer and the complexity of a business or project. We propose or suggest to take it step-by-step and to create a market report which will allow to assess your possibilities and to evaluate the potential of the business or project. It is followed by a pre-feasibility study and/or feasibility study in compliance with the requirements of the banks or financial institutions, if the conclusions of the market report were positive.

It would our pleasure to learn about your requirements and to discuss the most suitable approach for you and your business or project!


Please click on the link and reach out to our experts and specialists to discuss your requirements. It would be our pleasure to assist you!



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