Resource Planning Qatar

An introduction to Resource Planning Qatar

Making judicious use of time, money and other material and non-material possessions is an act that has always been heralded in our societies. This act of resource planning translates into many areas of our lives, to which business is no exception. Resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) defines the acts of identifying, evaluating, demand and supply forecasting, matching and allocating the resources of an organization to potential business activities with the intention to maximize the efficiency. The ability to determine a potential business activity, to predict the resources required and to assign the assets to ensure the most effective use of the resources is generally referred to as resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar).

Usually, resources are perceived as the tangible assets of an organization. However, they include human and non-human, financial and non-financial as well as material and non-material possessions which are categorized into physical resources, human resources and intellectual resources.

The physical resources comprise the (usual) tangible assets like lands, buildings, facilities, equipment and tools, vehicles and raw materials. The human resources consist of the blue and white collar workers, the unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers or the employees on the different levels in the hierarchy of an organization. The intellectual resources include the brands, copyrights, patents and properties which protect business ideas, solutions and innovations.

The resources are the most important assets of an organization. They are required to create a value proposition, to reach the clients and customers, to maintain the relationships with the partners and to earn the income.

Reasons to Resource Plan for Your Business in Qatar

Some of the most relevant reasons in favor of resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) are outlined or summarized in the following paragraphs.

It enables efficient planning for potential activities.

The act of forecasting potential business activities is very important for an organization. When an organization does not have the resources to meet the needs of an activity, it causes unnecessary loss which could have been curtailed if the resources were available to execute it. Resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) enables business and project managers to allocate available resources and to acquire additional resources in a cost-efficient manner to execute an activity on time.

It helps to bridge the supply and demand gap of an organization.

The difference between demand and supply or the available resources and the ability of an organization to bridge the gap is dependent on the resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar). A well-structured plan helps to mitigate any contingency that may arise due to the differences in demand and supply. In cases where an organization has an abundance of resources, they are redeployed to meet the needs of activities in the future. In cases where an organization has a shortage of resources, an organization has to employ additional resources to avoid a loss.

It enables to minimize the cost of a resource per activity and to maximize the utilization.

The resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) allows a business or project manager to assign the resources to the activities very efficiently without incurring unnecessary delay or damage. The information enables the business or project manager to mitigate over and under usage of resources.

It helps deliver an activity on time and within budget.

As the adage goes, time is money. Time is one thing businesses cannot afford to misuse. With resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar), timelines, milestones and deadlines are set and factors are put in place to ensure they are met.

Organizations who do not engage or involve in strategic resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) in their operations usually risk the failure of an activity due to the consequences of a poor resource allocation. These entities lack the foresight into the future demand of their operations and face several issues in meeting the resource needs of the operation. They end up with inferior material and non-material resources and in turn less productivity and profitability.

The steps to Resource Planning Qatar

Ensuring the ideal usage of resources in an organization is not an easy task. Business and project managers tend to follow a set of steps to make sure their plans stay on time and within budget.

The most important steps to a resource plan are outlined or summarized in the following paragraphs.

Specifying the scope of the activity

Prior to the development of a resource plan, the business or project manager will have to define the scope of the activity in form of a work breakdown structure. The Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines the work breakdown structure as a “deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team”.

Identifying the gap

It is important for the business or project manager to identify the gap between the current supply and the future demand to take a decision on re-allocation or acquisition. It will help create a clearer view on the ability of an organization to meet the needs in the future.

Implementing appropriate measures to bridge the gap

An organization will use the information from the analysis to develop and implement a strategy deemed fit to decrease the difference between supply and demand.

Allocating the right resources

The business or project managers are required to allocate the resources to achieve the purpose of the activity.

Considering factors with an effect on resource plans

The business or project managers will have to pay attention to the span of an activity in terms of time and the allocation of the resources. In some cases, an additional resource on a temporary rather than permanent basis may be more suitable. Another important element is the back-up plan to ensure continuity and to avoid disruption or destruction. Resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) helps managers to make data-driven decisions.

The evolution of Resource Planning Qatar

It is worth to note how resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) has evolved over the years. The act of planning has been visualized on any surface (e.g. calendars, diaries, notepads, etc.). The introduction of personal computers and the progress of technology changed the ways we used to go about our daily activities. Today, everything we do has been digitized. Word and Excel became a new norm. However, with the expansion of the operations in an organization it becomes very challenging to keep track of all the plans spelled out on the spreadsheet. As a result, new resource planning systems and platforms have been introduced to ease the process and to ensure the best delivery of services.

The types of Resource Planning Qatar

In line with the evolution of resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar), the most relevant types are outlined or summarized in the following paragraphs.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

MRP is an integrated information system for specific processes used by an organization and considered a predecessor to ERP. The MRP is designed to integrate and process information for effective decision making in scheduling, design, engineering, inventory management and cost control. It is linked to an accounting system and the inventory forecasting. MPR software providers include Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS), Fishbowl, Factory Edge, Prodsmart, Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Edition and others.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is an integrated information system for all processes used by an organization. The system connects production planning, purchasing, inventory management, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and other parts of an organization on a single platform. It is essentially a platform that binds together all parts of an organization. It ensures an easy flow of information and provides business and project managers with well-structured data for decision making. ERP providers include Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, Oracle ERP, WorkWise and others.

Human Resource Planning (HRP)

The employees make up the most essential resource in any organization. The assets cannot operate by themselves. Organizations that invest a lot into their employees tend to have higher productivity and profitability in the long-term. The employees make-up the environment of an organization. Businesses with success tend to analyze their labor supply to identify the strength of the organization with regards to skills, talents and other factors. They forecast the demand per activity and compare it with the supply. A gap analysis between supply and demand is created to lay down the needs of an organization. A plan is developed to help the organization bridge the gap. HRP providers include ADP, SAP Success Factors, Oracle People Soft, Workday and others.

The relevance of Resource Planning for Businesses & Projects in Qatar

Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the region.

Its location between east and west attracts companies from around the globe to set up or expand their businesses.

The country has a very stable financial system and has implemented a lot of important reforms to diversify the economy (including the encouragement of entrepreneurship) and to improve the ease of doing business.

The State of Qatar promotes and supports new technologies. Resource planning (and in turn Resource Planning in Qatar) is an integral part of the country’s progress and success.

The country implements a unified platform for managing the human resources of the government of the State of Qatar under Mawared. It is part of the Integrated Government Program with the aim to enhance the interaction between the government entities and the intention to improve the allocation of resources.

Our credentials and experience with Resource Planning Qatar

We maintain relations with subject matter experts and specialists in the private and public sector.

The resource plan (and in turn Resource Planning Qatar) is in many cases part of feasibility studies or business plans.

We have been part of the preparation and provision of papers, reports or studies including pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies and business plans for manufacturers (such as plastic factories, pre-fabrication factories, pipes plants and others), real estates, agricultural businesses or projects, education institutions, medical centers and others in the State of Qatar.

We create added value and emphasize the applicability of our feasibility studies or business plans during the implementation of a business or project (apart from the sourcing of financing or funding).

The steps to Resource Planning Qatar

Our recommendations depend on the requirements of a client or customer and the complexity of a business or project. In a majority of our cases, we propose or suggest to take it step-by-step and to assess your possibilities and to evaluate the potential of the business or project.

We recommend to consider directly and indirectly related activities such as budgeting and financial planning, tax planning and compliance as well as accounting and bookkeeping and the applicable laws in the State of Qatar as well as the best practices in the country.

It would be our pleasure to learn more about your business or project and to discuss the most suitable approach for you!


Please click on the link and reach out to our experts and specialists to discuss your requirements. It would be our pleasure to assist you!



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