If you’ve decided to go ahead and start a business in Qatar, then one thing you’ll be required to do by law is to acquire the correct license to allow you to trade. There are so many great incentives to start a business in Qatar; no income tax on wages, no export tax and low cost duties, the ability to repatriate your profits and high-quality telecommunications, accommodation and business premises – but in order to benefit from these many plus points, you’ll first need to go through the various processes of company formation in Qatar, to ensure that your business is legal.

Business Start Up Qatar is here to help you with every aspect of company formation and the required registration formalities. To save you the trouble of acquiring a license, Business Start Up Qatar are happy to take care of this and any other vital matters on your behalf.

Procedures for Acquiring a License

Acquiring a license is just one part of the company formation process in Qatar . In order to start your business in Qatar there are several other matters that will need to be attended to. Business Start Up Qatar can help you with as many or as few of these obligations as you wish.

The following information will give you an idea of the various company formation procedures that you will need to follow if you wish to start a business in Qatar. We have also included information regarding the different authorities who you will need to seek approval from in order to obtain your license and start your business.

  • Submit an application to the Minister of Economy & Commerce.
  • Attach 2 copies of the signed contract between the Foreign Company and the Government.
  • Attach 2 approved/legalized copies of the certificate of association and/or memorandum of certificate of the Foreign Company.
  • Approved/legalized power of attorney for the nominated manager in Qatar.
  • Attach 2 copies of the contract for the service agent (if appointed).
  • Attach 2 copies of the commercial registration for the service agent (if appointed).
  • Any non Arabic document should be translated to Arabic language.
  • Attach a copy of the License issued by the Ministry of Energy and Industry.
  • Fill in the application for a certificate of association and deposit the capital in the bank.
  • Fill in the application for commercial registration, attach the requested documents and pay the fee (in the case of 51%  Qatari owned and 49% owned by the foreigner). A Ministerial Decree is needed if 100% owned by the foreigner.
  • Fill out the draft of memorandum contract and deposit capital in the bank.
  • In the Ministry of Justice – Real Estate Department- document/legalize memorandum contract.
  • Fill out the commercial application form, present all documents and pay all fees.