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Start a Business in Qatar – Services and Solutions

Business Start Up Qatar provides the complete solution to help you to start a business in Qatar as well as promoting your new business in all ways possible.

Start a Business in Qatar

Our expert services include:-

  • Company formation in Qatar:-

We provide you all the services and setup needed to start a business and run it successfully in Qatar. For detailed information click here

  • Immigration and PRO Services

All companies in Qatar require PRO services, the services of a Government Liaison Officer. A Government Liaison Officer will take care of the time consuming procedures relating to visas, permits and licenses. There is an extremely tight control over the movement of foreigners in Qatar and the issuing of documents such as visas and other permits is subject to stringent administrative procedures, therefore it is imperative to have someone on your side who possesses an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing law, rules and regulations to ensure a smooth and stress-free immigration process.


  • Website design:-

We provide a wide range of website design services equipped with the latest technologies, to represent your Business on the internet and generate clients for your business. For more information click here

  • SEO services:-

Our Expert team is highly skilled and updated with all the latest changes that have been introduced by Google recently. We are highly capable of providing top Google rankings and in turn, traffic to your websites. For more information click here

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