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Look and Design – Image and Perception is Everything

Published on 30.06.2016 by @QatarSteve

Anything that appeals to the eye has the power to capture the heart. A good design on a canvas or on your computer screen will always receive appreciation. In the same way, an excellent website design is significant to increase the traffic and sales of your products/services. This is the first rule of recent time consumerism. So, it is important for businesses to understand that the look and design of a website play a pivotal role in representing the true image of a brand.

Your Brand’s Virtual Representation
A website should communicate your brand, offer an outstanding user-experience, and should also be mobile-friendly. Imagine yourself representing your physical presence on the Internet; how will you do it in the best possible manner? You will direct all your efforts to represent the core purpose of your brand. This is the reason why your website design, color, and functionality should reflect the actual perception of your brand. It will further support your SEO strategy as major search engines love websites that have unique designs and content. They are also ranked high in search results which eventually direct heavy traffic towards the website.

Moreover, as an online business, if you are unable to maintain an updated website, the chances are high that your profit rate may be affected. So, it is necessary for you to bring your design in line with the contemporary trends and preferences that consumers love to experience.

Let’s go through some of the important factors that make a website ideal for visitors.

Visual Elements
Layout – Experimenting with visual elements may go wrong if you do not follow the right approach. Once you grab the attention of a visitor, give them multiple options for content selection. Instead of stacking up articles and information on each other, add card layouts for visitors to clearly select the information they want to read.

Videos – In order to increase conversions, video ads are considered as one of the best advertising methods. Place a video on the homepage for the visitors to see as soon as they visit your website and you will have more chances of increasing your product sales.

Animations – If your website takes a little time to load, add animations to engage the consumers. Your animation should offer value to your consumer by serving a purpose. So, be very careful while adding an animation as it could also be a complete disappointment for the visitor.

Content and Functionality
If you are successful in attracting the visitor to your website, the next challenge is to make them stay. Your content and design have the power to compel the visitor to explore your website further. Websites that offer great functionality and informative and unique content experience more traffic than other websites. A responsive website with good content takes the consumer to the purchasing path without any hassle which clearly defines the importance of a well-constructed sitemap.

An outdated and weary website design will take you nowhere and probably make your consumers leave. So, provide your consumers with a responsive design that performs well across multiple devices and ensure them a great user-experience. To make your consumers stay with you, Business Start Up Qatar offers you professional website designs that truly reflect your brand and increase your sales ratio to the maximum level. So call us today! We’ll be happy to hear from you!



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