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Why a company needs a Business Plan?

A Business Plan is much more than a tool for investment or for showing your commitment to your company. You will use it to monitor your progress, hold yourself accountable and to control your business’s fate. And of course, it’s a sales and a recruiting tool for courting key employees or future investors. Writing out […]

Content Management System (CMS) – You need to be in Control!

An attractive website with appealing images is never enough to ensure customers of a good experience. There is no denying the fact that customers always look for good content that guides and informs them. To fulfill their expectations, it is necessary to deliver the right content. A basic web publisher can’t guarantee an amazing content […]

Web Development and Construction – You can’t Build a House without an Experienced Builder!

A website is the gateway to the digital world. Your business website clearly depicts your active online presence without which it is impossible to reach the potential customers you look for. If you haven’t decided to build a website yet, you are missing out on many business opportunities that await you. In the present fast-paced […]

Look and Design – Image and Perception is Everything

Anything that appeals to the eye has the power to capture the heart. A good design on a canvas or on your computer screen will always receive appreciation. In the same way, an excellent website design is significant to increase the traffic and sales of your products/services. This is the first rule of recent time […]

Why Content is Important for the Websites?

‘Content is the King!’ You might have heard this statement from so many and even read this online. Have you ever wondered what makes content the king or what are the reasons behind this strong statement? Without wasting any time, let’s look at the reasons why research, marketing, and having a pragmatic content strategy gained […]

Employment, Residence, and Sponsorship Requirements for British Nationals in Qatar – part 1

If you have been planning to move to Qatar alone or with your family, it is extremely important for you to understand the employment, residence, and family sponsorship requirements. Understanding the pre-requisites and legal procedures will save your time and efforts providing you with plenty of time to concentrate on your career goals. If you […]

Personal Data Protection Law for Businesses in Qatar

It is the core responsibility of every company to protect customers’ information along with fulfilling their service related needs. Data privacy is crucial for businesses and so is complying with the privacy laws of the land. Businesses need to protect the personal data of customers by dealing with the complex technology challenges that may come […]

How Online Marketing can Benefit Businesses in Qatar!

In today’s competitive world where information is available at your fingertips, having an online presence is mandatory for a brand for its broader reach and awareness. Business establishments offering online marketing services to their customers in the beautiful country of Qatar have witnessed an elevated growth in the past few years, according to a report […]


Street Soccer starts in Qatar 2016

BSUQ is pleased to announce its partnership with Qatar Street Soccer, due to launch in Qatar in 2016. Qatar Street Soccer is the latest project to be launched by Street Soccer England CIC, a community interest company that aims to create a unique football environment in Qatar. It’s founder Jason Stephens has a BSc (Hons) […]


The First International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutions in Qatar

“…The first of its kind in Qatar. This exhibition will act as a huge and direct communication hub between suppliers and demanding business entities in a specific time and place. It is for every company that wants to keep up with the latest and most advanced support services and business solution to improve productivity and […]


Qatar the ‘beautiful bride’ for business in 2014

If there is any good place to gain a foothold in business at the moment, the beautiful gulf country of Qatar is it. What with the recent media reports indicating that the projects market in this progressive-thinking nation, which is currently valued at over $277 billion, is set to further gather momentum in 2014. Based […]

Change in the air as Qatar brood on sponsorship (Kafala) system

Good news in the air, change is coming… Change? you ask. Yes! we say. In a move that will further boost the ease of doing business in Qatar, various media outlets in Qatar announced over the weekend that the government is seriously considering modifying/changing the sponsorship (Kafala) system in the country. Going by this news, […]

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