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Company Formation Testimonials – Client Success Stories

Below you’ll find a number of company formation testimonials from recent clients who were very happy with the services we provided in helping them set up their new business in Qatar.

“I  was very sceptical at the beginning, I always look at the cost first but this hasn’t always given me the results. What BSUQ did was to help me to grow my business. You are always given promises from people, but they gave me results! I would recommend you to take their advice and let them work with you”
Mr George, SITCO

“It’s with great pleasure we accept the award for the Middle East Interior Contractor of the Year and huge congratulations to everyone in the company who has helped to make this possible. We greatly enjoy providing our clients in the Middle East with interior design contractor services and hope to continue our successes. Special thanks also to Business Start Up Qatar, for helping us start our Qatar division, they have made the process very simple, I am sure it would have otherwise been much more difficult”

Paul Gyles, Finance Director of ISG Middle East

If you want your business start up to be successful like the clients above, contact us now to take the first step.

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