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44,000 millionaires in Qatar, says Zakat Fund official

Published on 03.01.2013 by @QatarSteve

For a small place like Qatar, the list of millionaires in the country is rather long. Given the extraordinary per capita income levels of the country, it is not unexpected, only this time the number has come from Zakat Fund records.

According to Zakat Funds Zakat Services Director Dr Mohammed bin Khalifa al Kubaisi there are, hold your breath, as many as 44 thousand millionaires in Qatar.

Latest studies by the Fund have cited the figure to conclude that the Zakat Fund Index remains on a growth trajectory, and there is no fear of charity needs overshooting the resources of the Fund.

Kubaisi told Qatari Arabic daily Al Watan that the Fund raised more than QR167 million until the end of 2012, due to the growth of public awareness among citizens to pay zakat.

Though there is no poverty in Qatar, there are needy people, most of them expatriates. Among Qataris it is mostly the indebted that need help, he said.

Pointing out that 95 percent of the Fund’s resources are deployed to assist people inside the country, he said that the rest is distributed outside Qatar.

Highlighting Funds new project to collect zakat from companies based on the principle of social responsibility of businesses, he said that there are 40 offices and collection points for zakat. The amount collected every year is allocated among the beneficiaries of fixed monthly aid as emergency aid annually.



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